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Our Team

David 2David Morgan, CEO & Managing Director of Morgan Learning Solutions
The development of the Easyread System has been driven by David Morgan since 2001. Through early experimentation in the local schools he could see the revolutionary effect that Guided Phonetic Reading had on the children learning to read. It has been his passion ever since, selling his furniture distribution company in 2008 to fund the continued development of Easyread. As an engineer he has always looked for the "reasons why" each individual child might be struggling to read, so that a suitable solution could be found.

Bonnie 2Bonnie Landau, Office Manager, System Coach and Marketing
Bonnie came to Morgan Learning Solutions after her oldest son had a tremendous result with Easyread. She gladly leaves behind a web design company to bring reading success to kids around the world. She works on marketing, web/graphic design and business management for Morgan Learning Solutions. Outside the office she loves spending time with her two boys, hiking in the forest and pondering the existence of angels. Her favorite Easyread character is the jellyfish "because he always looks like he's doing a happy jig!"

laura-300Laura O'Sullivan, Office Manager, System Coach and Content
Half history fanatic and half Irish, Laura was born and bred in Oxfordshire. She's an English Lit. grad with a passion for people, cake, animals, travel and the written word - whether it be writing it, reading it or listening to it. She enjoys anything creative, and sees childish enthusiasm as the best starting point for any worthwhile activity. With that in mind, her favourite Easyread game is the Monkey Jungle Juggle, 'I love the cheeky little noises that he makes!"

sarah-300Sarah Forrest, System Coach and Communications
Sarah Forrest originally hails from Boston in the US, but has enjoyed exploring the UK and its wonderfully wacky weather since 2009. She works on PR and customer support at Easyread and also likes to sing jazz, write, cook, and buy books which sit in an ever-growing "to-read" pile on her desk. Her favourite Easyread character is the egg with little legs: "I fall for the baseball cap and big geeky glasses every time!"

matt-300Matt Bradshaw, Software Development
Matt Bradshaw is an Oxfordshire native with a master's degree in physics. He is responsible for creating a lot of the games and other activities in the Easyread lessons. When he isn't working on new games he can usually be found playing music around Oxford or tinkering with circuit boards! His favourite book is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and his favourite Easyread game is Letter Quest (mainly because it was the most fun to make!).

About Morgan Learning Solutions

MorganLearning logo iconMorgan Learning Solutions publishes the Easyread System, an online suite of courses for children with highly visual learning styles, dyslexia, and auditory processing disorder who need support for spelling and reading problems.

MLS aims to help every child get on the right path to reading and spelling by working with the brain's natural strengths, regardless of any diagnosed learning problems.

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